Music Library

Browse my catalogue of orchestral pieces and original soundtracks.


Big, brash and brassy. For high intensity moments such as battle and chase scenes.


Dark, creepy and unsettling music for building up drama and intensity in a scene.


Oceans, castles, dragons. Choirs, bells, strings. Music to accompany big scenes and big moments where the fate of the world is in the balance.

Love Themes

Sweeping melodies, major keys. Romantic and often uplifting music.

Sad Themes

Slower melodies, minor keys. Music to accompany moments of tragedy, despair, or possibly just a poignant remembrance.

Horror and Thriller

Atonal and textural. 20th century composition techniques employed to create an unsettling accompaniment to maleficence and gore. Warning that the track “Haunted Hotel” has a ‘jump scare’ written into it right at the end.