Tristan Kane

I have been composing music since high school – but have taken an unusual route to professional composition. Along the way I have put robots in the National Museum of Australia, drafted copyright laws, and judged American barbecue competitions.

My music studies were through the online school of the Berklee College of Music. I earned qualifications in music business and composition – specialising in music for film and videogames.  My music is lush and is characterized by the use of a full orchestral sound palette.

I particularly love composing for strings, a legacy of my background playing the double bass in orchestras and other ensembles. Although l considered a career in classical music, I studied law and politics at university.

That led to a career in the Australian federal public service as an assistant director in the Australian Department of Communications. There I created policies and helped negotiate international copyright treaties among other things.  And got extensive practical experience with the entertainment industry and its regulations – the digital economy, publishing, classification, media law. This leaves me with a varied and unusual skill-set.

I am currently based in London but am happy to work with clients anywhere in the world. My most recent project Forgive, a short film dealing with cancer, death, infidelity and grief has recently been screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

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