I love collaboration. I think you need to as a film composer. Everything we do is collaborative, with the director, with the actors’ performances, the musicians who play our music and with everyone else who works on the film. But nothing is quite as exciting as working with another composer, particularly one who comes from a very different place to you musically.

I’ve previously uploaded a couple of tracks that I wrote in collaboration with Ellakova. Russian-born, London-based and exceptionally talented, Ellakova works primarily in electronica but also has a great ear and deft touch for the orchestral side of things.

Since first meeting around this time last year we’ve been furiously composing together, and are excited to announce that in the past month we have formalised that collaboration into the entity Tristellar Music. Even better, we have a couple more very big announcements to make in the next couple of weeks, which may or may not involve a film, or even a commercial release of some kind…

In the meantime, please check out our brand new website www.tristellarmusic.com and I would also strongly encourage you to check out Ellakova directly at http://www.ellakova.com/