Three more cues.

The first two are possibly the biggest and most complicated things I’ve ever written.

The “Battle or Chase Action” piece is crazy. It is 2 minutes long has 10 distinct ‘sections’ in alternating key signatures at around 150 BPM for full orchestra. This was really something which tested the limits of both man and machine.

The ‘Grand Action Cue’ was written for a scene in which a ship crashes into an iceberg. With that sense of scale and inevitability I felt it was time to go for a bit of a Hans Zimmer type sound with a rotating chord progression and big powerful brass chords.

And finally, a completely different change of feel in the Magical Suspense cue. This is a much small piece designed to go in and around dialogue. Here it’s all about creating a fantastical soundscape using woodwinds, pizzicato and pitched percussion (xylophone and glockenspiel in this case). It’s interesting that so far the only time I’ve gotten to really use woodwinds is in fantasy or medieval settings.