Tristan Kane


I’m a London-based composer specialising in music for film, TV and video games.

If you’re looking for someone to write music for your project, let’s have a chat. We’ll determine exactly what you need, whether that’s a lush orchestral score, or something a bit more modern and edgy, and I’ll get to work composing something specially for you within deadline.

In the meantime, check out my biography to get an idea of how I came to composing. Browse through examples of my work. Or check out my blog, where I deconstruct and analyse film and TV pieces.

Recent Projects

Forgive – a short film by directer Laith Sami is my first UK film score.

Released in March 2017 it was soon after selected and screened at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in LA.

Loose Ends – a dark, gangster short. The first film that I worked on as Tristellar Music, alongside the electronica composer Ellakova.

You can see the film for free on YouTube

One of my tracks features prominently in the Commodore Story. My first full length film and documentary.

Check out my latest work, including the Soundtrack Showdown Podcast over at the page for my music production collaboration – Tristellar Music

Demo Reel

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